Chinese Culture Training Course

This course is designed for any business in Colorado Springs that has the need to learn about Chinese culture before they set their foot in China or Asian countries.

Power Point Presentation in your Facility

  • Introduction of Chinese history
  • Chinese culture background
  • Chinese philosophy and beliefs
  • Chinese holidays & customs
  • Food & culture, gift giving
  • Cultural Rules for doing business in China
  • Language & culture background
  • Government, regulations & rules
  • Common misinterpreted gestures
  • Does and don’t
  • Q & A and more...


  • $200 per visit for the 1st hour
  • $75 for any addition hour

Business Escort & Consulting – Local and International

  • Translation/escort service for Chinese business affiliates who are in need of guidance around Colorado Springs area
  • Business escort service – Personal escort able to travel to China to assist in the area of language, culture, interpretation and consulting


  • Upon request, depend on the service you need

Contact Information

 Tel: 719.343.6003  CSCCI P.O. Box 2625 Colorado Springs, CO 80901-2625 Email: web.cscci@gmail.com
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